A Book that does good!

Everytime a book of the month bumbs into your mailbox or you get a book package from the mail, you can be sure, that it has offer lots to do for handpairs that might not otherwise have gotten any work.

Porvoos' Kirjakeskus (Book center) started logistic co-operation during the fall 2014 with oy noark ab, social enterprice owned by Samaria rf. Noark creates working places and support action using noark miniature world, noark boutigues and other work forms. Noark has a employment and rehabilitating actions for school drop-outs and unemployed.

" We are very pleased with the works quality and we are happy that we can employ young, immigrants, long-term unemployed and for example people with work limitations" says Bonniers direct sales manager Anne-Marie Suomalainen and Bonniers Nordic countries direct sales responsible for logistics Åsa Lorentzon.






Porvoo Kirjakeskus' (Book center) CEO Anne Kariniemi and noarks CEO Päivi Valkoniemi calculate that together they serve almost 100 000 club customers daily.

noark world

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